Written by Abdallah Hayek, P.E

Flashback! It is the year 2001. Springtime is upon us, and the weather feels warm and nice. An awesome idea crosses my mind. Why don’t we become among the first to write and publish a piece of writing covering our latest real estate news? Why don’t we showcase our expertise and abilities in the field? Why don’t we promote our work, while encouraging people to read more? And this is how I held my pen and started writing Hayek Group’s first ever newsletter, in April 2001.
20 years later, it is the year 2021! Hundreds of newsletters were written and published, influencing thousands of people, and covering all important news and topics in the sector. It is our 20th newsletters anniversary, and I believe this is a cause for celebration. Year after year, Hayek Group found new innovative ideas to discuss and spread awareness about. From real estate, to economy, to social topics, every month holds a new different objective to handle. I advise you to go to our website and check all the newsletters, and here is the link https://hayekgroup.com/newsletters; you will be really surprised by the diversity of the writings and the uniqueness that each one holds.

A crucial component

If you go to your favorite search engine, and type “why are newsletters important”, you get millions of results in a fraction of seconds explaining how important it is for companies to send out newsletters to inform their clients and staff of the latest updates. For Hayek Group, newsletters are truly a key component. In the real estate market, a lot of ideas can be constantly discussed, and a lot of news can be broadcasted on a daily basis. The Lebanese real estate market is a market that is always reinventing itself, and it has shown to be the strongest during this crisis, so most people turn to it as a safe haven or a good investment plan. Newsletters have helped our company to maintain its good reputation, and to reach a lot of potential Lebanese, regional and international investors, who changed the concepts of their investments and decided to initiate their projects based on our provided information.

Therefore, our newsletters did not only promote our services, but also made a radical directive in the real estate market. To Hayek Group, writing a newsletter is not a form of propaganda, nor it is a luxury; it is rather an obligation. It broadcasts an important message to our clients and readers, and it reflects the real image of our sector, especially in times of crises, wars, and distress. Some may think that newsletters are outdated in the social media marketing era, but for us, they form a major part of our growth as a community. We are broadening our horizons through these publications, attracting our prospects’ attention, which gives us an opportunity to establish ongoing strong relationships with our clients.

Hayek Group
A remarkable path

For 20 years, Hayek Group has been on a constant mission to spread the word and reach as many people as possible. The discussed topics are always varied; some cover real estate, others discuss technology, and others give important insights and facts following an extensive research. In the following part, we have decided to share a selection of some of our most memorable writings with you. So, this is an invitation to dive into our visions through our newsletters’ world. Enjoy!

- Lebanese Real Estate Market still growing despite all - July 2006: While a violent war invaded Lebanon, experts and commentators expected the complete crash of the Real Estate market. Hayek Group’s vision did not really match the experts’. This newsletter was specifically written to show that the Lebanese RE market has a gigantic immunity to hold on and even to rise again, based on studies and research.

Many investors preserved their investments especially in the South and Beirut, and the market kept on growing, proving Hayek Group’s vision.

- Intelligent Buildings and Smart Homes - July 2007:
In July 2007, an innovative idea was discussed by Hayek Group. In this newsletter, intelligent technology in buildings was introduced and was also considered as a great marketing incentive. Later, intelligent buildings and smart homes led to a congestion in the market, and more people were encouraged to build and invest. Major projects applied this new technology and modified their plans, therefore succeeded to promote their properties faster than expected.

- Lebanese Snow White - Feb. 2008:
A unique trait that Lebanon has, among all Arab countries including Turkey and Iran, is the amazing number of ski resorts at the top of its mountains. In 2008, this Hayek Group’s newsletter focused on this idea, showing all the different famous mountain tops of the country and the variety of land prices. Hayek Group had a vision that these prices would increase radically, especially in snow spots, and encouraged Lebanese to invest there. Today, these regions are a top attraction for touristic projects, and demands are incredibly high.

- Aqua Blues - March 2009:
“Water resources will be an issue in the coming decades.” Ever since 2009, Hayek Group expected that Lebanon will face some problems, and the one main issue is the loss of natural resources, especially water. It has been said that there are many plans and projects that are made to preserve water and make use of it, and in this newsletter, the water richness of the country is portrayed in detail, along with pieces of advice on how to maximize its use.

- North Beirut Coast is it a Promising Market? - Oct. 2009:
North Beirut Coast is the natural extension of the capital. The North Metn Coastal stretch is a strategic location that yearly attracts people from all over the world, because of many important factors such as transportation networks, new building regulations, high demand on units, and many more. HG had a vision that the coast stretching from Jdeideh to Dbayeh will be a hub for the F&B market, which came true after the publishing of this newsletter, as the coast witnessed openings of different restaurants mainly in Zalka, Antelias and Dbayeh.

- Golden Egg – Jan. 2013:
When we read the title of this newsletter, the Lebanese gold reserve comes to mind, but in fact, Lebanon’s main gold mine is the huge value of properties that it has.

In this newsletter, Hayek Group believes that the real estate market will always attract investors and represent a haven to their savings, knowing that in 2013 a huge economic crisis was prevailing. Basically, if you own a property, the value will be sustained and most probably increase on a mid-term scale.
- Lebanon House Price Index - April 2013:
In 2013, Hayek Group discussed a very new idea at the time, which was the House Price Index (HPI). We were the first, among all Arab countries, to think about implementing this index, and we referred to the top UK analysis firm to do so. Unfortunately, we faced a problem with the availability of credible public data and could not proceed. Until this day, neither the Central Bank of Lebanon nor the Order of Engineers were able to issue a similar index.

- Lebanon’s Diplomatic City - March 2017:
As Lebanon is the home for many embassies, consulates, and has a lot of diplomatic missions, Hayek Group had a vision to establish a Diplomatic City in Marina Dbayeh area. This vision is based on motives that encouraged us to choose this area is particular, such as having family living satisfaction, the availability of many hospitals, restaurants, hotels, educational institutes, shopping centers, and more importantly, registering a low criminal record, in comparison to other areas. However, the main motive behind this idea is the presence of Marina Dbayeh within the security zone of the new $1.0 Billion US embassy compound. The study done encourages all EPC companies to provide a good infrastructure plan for this area, which will attract private sectors to launch more projects in this new Diplomatic City.

We can go on forever. As you can see, a huge number of ‘heavymaterial’ newsletters were written, all of them covering different topics and envisioning various views for the future. Our main aim behind newsletters is not to spread predictions here and there, but to show concrete examples and details about the topics we discuss, based on extensive real-life research and field analysis, in a country that has no credible public data. We work hard to deliver newsletters that establish innovative ideas and solid fundamentals. People expect engineers to be on site, taking care of maps and construction work, but they don’t expect them to be interested in writing down reports and doing research on important topics that can benefit the sector. And this is what makes Hayek Group stand out among other construction firms. The many reports that our team conducts are very important to the construction and real estate market, so why let any other firm run this research? It is our job and duty to promote our sector and try to raise it to the top. Our newsletters are a sort of proof to our readers that we are 100% committed to our industry, and we do our best to spread the word of ethics and knowledge through them.

Also, the motive behind all our newsletters is our strong belief in our little paradise Lebanon. I believe we are all tired of all the negativity around us, and we want our newsletters to be a breath of fresh air, that pushes away all the pessimism that surrounds us. We intend to show the new talented generation that innovative ideas and visions originate from the hard-work and efforts of everyone, and the Lebanese community takes those ideas seriously and implements them as much as possible.

Our journey with newsletters can be compared to that of Phoenicians who roamed around trying to spread the alphabet. We never thought that our word would spread and reach foreign countries, making them eagerly wait for our newsletters every month. We are indeed proud of all the work we have done so far; we put our sweat, tears, and huge effort into our community, and we are aiming to maintain our reputation, and deliver nothing but impeccable work!

Reunion of the Hayek Group Team in celebration of 20 years passing on the first Newsletter issued.