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New Services for a New Era - June 2007

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Hayek Group Management team is proud to announce a basket of new Real Estate Services in Lebanon.

Property Information Network (PIN)

Clients can access the tracking history of any property in Lebanon.
This includes official real estate records, municipality archive and other local authorities including court orders and claims.
Clients are advised to consult our PIN Department prior to any decision making regarding purchase of a property to avoid any future disputes.
All information are supported with copies or originals as available.

Property Management Services (PMS)

Many Lebanese and Gulf owners are relying on our PMS team to keep their properties at excellent condition regarding security, clearness, ventilation and maintenance this is done in an acceptable and affordable fee.

Hayek Group Property Management's philosophy is to operate each property and owner's perspective, with an acute awareness of the goals and needs of residents and users.

Under the direction of dedicated team leaders, property management professionals focus on problem prevention rather than problem resolution, "Hands-On"....

Such a philosophy has distinguished Hayek Group Property Management from the competition, resulting in the maximization of asset value and increased levels of comfort, service and resident retention in our clients' properties.

However, we do not stop there. Our services include building maintenance, lease administration, operating and capital budgeting, vendor management, property accounting and all major reporting formats. We are always adding more services to our full-service menu. 

Facilities Management (FM)

Using International standards, our engineering team starts at the pre design phase of any development. Our experience in the construction industry in Lebanon enables our engineer to compete with FM companies’ world wide..

If you want your building properly looked after then Hayek Group is your one-stop preservation shop.  Providing high quality yet cost-effective maintenance for your property it doesn’t matter whether you own a large tower, a commercial warehouse, or private villa; our team can help protect the long-term condition of your property with a facilities management service that looks after all your technical and infrastructure requirements.

With a 14 year proven track record, dealing with some of the most prestigious residential and commercial developments around; no matter if it’s building management or engineering requirements we maintain and co-ordinate everything so you can enjoy a well run property.

This service focuses on dedicated property care, ensuring that your property is well maintained and all facilities are fully functional at all times. Ultimately, it is also intended to protect the long-term health and safety of your building.  After an initial appraisal, we will provide you with a report on your facilities which, where necessary, will include recommendatory advice on improvements.  Providing the best maintenance and servicing of your property and all its facilities, whether it’s plumbing, electrical, mechanical, painting, structural repairs or security control; Hayek Group will take care of it.  Furthermore, should any emergencies or breakdowns occur our team will be on hand to resolve everything in order to keep your property in best condition.

With an effective, efficient tracking system that monitors all complaints, breakdowns, defects and remedial action taken, we know exactly what has happened and is happening with your property.  With a variety of different maintenance packages to suit your requirements, we can offer a specialized service to suit all type of properties and all type of uses.

Owner's Representation. (OREP)

Hayek Group s.a.r.l provides Owner's Representation services for all phases of design, construction and marketing from project inception through project completion and sale closing. Services are focused on project planning, budget adherence and cost control, scheduling, identification and adherence to project time constraints, change order and claims mitigation while meeting the quality requirements of the contract documents. Hayek Group s.a.r.l provides comprehensive project management services to building and facility owners, designers, and project investors.


Conceptual Services

  • Define project objectives and constraints (user requirements, design goals).
  • Assist in site evaluation, selection, and acquisition.
  • Develop conceptual/preliminary budget.
  • Prepare conceptual "Milestone" schedule.
  • Assist Owner in evaluation and selection of Architect/Engineer. Define scope of services.
  • Interface with local municipalities regarding planning and permits.
  • Risk identification and mitigation. Evaluate project insurance requirements.
  • Define project delivery system traditional design/bid/build, phased fast track, construction manager (CM), multiple prime contracts, design/build, guaranteed maximum price.
  • Review "Constructability" and "Construction Phasing" issues.
  • Assist Owner in selection and qualification of the Contractor.
  • Develop "partnering" program.

Design Development Phase Services

  • Review cost estimates at schematic, design development, and 95% completion of final design and contract document development.
  • Monitor design progress.
  • Review/refine Project "Milestone" Schedule and prepare "Master Project Schedule."

Contract Document Phase Services

  • Conduct Owner reviews of drawings and specifications.
  • Review/advise on preparation of construction contracts.
  • Review/prepare bid packages.
  • Review/refine "Master Project Schedule" for inclusion of "Milestone Dates" into contract documents.
  • Develop scheduling and contract administration clauses for inclusion into the contract documents.

Bidding Phase Services

  • Pre-qualification of contractors.
  • Compare and analyze bids and proposals. Assist in contractor selection and award.
  • Assist in contract negotiations.


Project Management

  • Review and implement independent testing procedures with Architect/Engineer and Contractor.
  • Develop and monitor shop drawing review schedule with Architect/Engineer and Contractor.
  • Review Contractor’s "As Planned" construction schedule and procurement schedule.
  • Develop and maintain "Management Summary" and "As-Built" schedules.
  • Monitor construction progress and conduct progress meetings with Architect/Engineer and Contractor.
  • Review Contractor’s resource loaded schedule and monthly schedule updates.
  • Monitor timeliness of Architect/Engineer responses to "Requests for Information" (RFI).
  • Administer project progress payments.
  • Track actual costs versus budgeted costs, recommend cost reduction and control measures.
  • Review project correspondence, change orders, and claim submittals. Make recommendations to Owner for resolution of claims and disputes.
  • Coordinate and review "change orders" and evaluate cost and time impacts to the project.
  • Develop and maintain a "Punch List" in conjunction with Architect/Engineer.


Project Close-Out

  • Finalize the "As-Built" schedule.
  • Monitor and administer "Project Close-Out Activities" including Architect/Engineer’s issuance of certificates of substantial completion, as-built drawings, completion of punch list work scopes, start-up and commissioning of systems, coordination of final lien waivers, submittals by contractor of guarantees/warranties along with operation and maintenance manuals, coordination of final "walk-through" inspections.
  • Coordinate and schedule Owner occupancy.
  • Review Contractor’s application for final payment.

Construction Defects

  • Defects investigations and identification of critical repairs.
  • Documentation of findings.
  • Coordination of destructive/nondestructive testing methods.
  • Coordination of remediation and repairs.

Construction Claims and Disputes

  • Develop procedures for Dispute Review Boards (DRB) and Mediation for claims resolution.
  • Provide litigation support, schedule/delay and disruption analysis, and expert reports.
  • Audit construction damage calculations resulting from delays/acceleration of work, change orders, variations, etc.


- Finalize, monitor and administer sales strategies.

  • Current Market Analysis (CMA).
  • Pre-sale Construction Milestones.
  • Cash Flow Compliance.
  • Develop Sales Schedule.
  • Conduct Owners Comments.
  • Issue Periodic Sales Reports.

- Media Campaign

  • Generation of 3D plans.
  • T.V Video Virtual Tour.
  • Brochure.
  • Web page.
  • Presentation of Documents.
  • Public Media Advertisement and Exposure.
  • Target list for Potential Clients.

- Sales Procedure

  • Leading Negotiations.
  • Administer Standard Sales Contract.
  • On site visit tours.
  • Overseas Marketing Procedures.

More new services are put on hold until further research and application training; our esteemed clients will be notified accordingly.

Abdallah Hayek P.E
Hayek Group s.a.r.l
Beirut – June 2007

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