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Lebanon - the Republic of the World - Nov. 2007

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Major news agencies and world media giants were too busy in November to cover the current Lebanese presidential debate; Lebanese living abroad were so worried about their republic and the future of their homeland.

Europeans, Arabs and Americans have been deeply involved in the current turmoil, their ministers of foreign affairs have visited Lebanon more than five times in 72 days, Mr. Bush and Mr. Sarkuzy and other head of states were in direct contacts with our political leaders, Why all this interference in such a small non oil-productive country in the middle East?

Why Lebanon is so important? Lebanese living abroad and non-Lebanese who believe in the future of this country have the answer.

It looks like this country is very important for regional and international communities; that’s why all the real estate records indicate promising activities by Lebanese expatriates who purchased record numbers of properties in 2007, although non-Lebanese property ownership have recorded a new high figures, the Lebanese investors have been the major influential group, due to the expected trend of higher prices in the future due to the availability of properties and the higher prices of Euro., Saudi investors have exceeded expectations by far as a total of 1.4 million square meters alone, equivalent to double the area of all non-Lebanese property registration. (Fig 1)

In the next few years a 200 m2 decent apartment in Beirut North-Eastern suburbs will be worth $300,000, while it could be purchased now at $180,000 to $200,000. Prices are still relatively lower than the regional countries and Gulf States.

There are certain regions in Lebanon that are experiencing major real estate activities namely Maten, (Fig 2) Due to its location North – East of Beirut and the current ongoing infrastructure projects in Dora, Nahr el mott, Jal el dib and Antelias. (Fig 2)

All real estate figures indicate that Lebanon is still capturing the High interest of investors, despite the current political stagnation. With all world Media coverage and massive international direct involvement dedicated for the resolution of the presidential crisis, there is no reason that Lebanese should not be proud of such a country the true Republic of the World.

Abdallah Hayek P.E

Hayek Group s.a.r.l
Beirut – Nov. 2007

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