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Lebanese Snow White - Feb. 2008

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         The Lebanese mountains are dressed in white, the ski resorts are enjoying a wonderful season. Where in the Middle East can one find natural ski resorts such as the Cedars, Laklouk, Kfardebian & Zaarour?

          Our emphasis in this editorial is on the unique geographic slopes of Lebanon with nothing like it in any of the whole Arab Countries.

           Prices of land inside Faqra club exceeded $500/m2 (if available), near the vicinity of the club, land prices range from $200/m2 - $300/m2, in Tilal Al Assal prices exceed $150/m2 while in Kanat Bakish prices goes up to $70/m2 on the main road and drops down to $20/m2 - $25/m2 in the upper slopes. In Laklouk prices range from $8 to $70 /m2.

          To build 200m2 traditional Lebanese sweet home with natural stone gladding and red brick roof top with an 800m2 garden place, will cost you around $300,000 depending on the architecture and the quality of finishing which is a convenient cost for expats; and middle income families.

          Land price within 2000m altitude in Mount Lebanon are expected to soar in the near future motivated by many ongoing large scale touristic projects. Private investment in the real estate market in the upper mountains are still convenient and affordable compared with similar locations in the area, while large investment are already in  process, starting with the new extension of Mzaar slopes, the Intercontinental hotel & resorts, Faqra club.

Attractive priced properties are scattered from Kobayyat in Akkar in the North, to Barouk in Mount Lebanon and Jabal El Sheikh in the South.

          Due to the current political situation it is a logical assumption that non-Lebanese property owners are expected to sell previously owned plots at a good profit margin to local & expatriate Lebanese buyers.

          With proper infrastructure and transportation network, our expectations reflects a 40% - 50% increase in land prices in snow areas all over Lebanon, and Lebanese are encouraged to jump into the market before it's too late.

Abdallah Hayek P.E
Hayek Group s.a.r.l

Beirut – Feb. 2008

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