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Investing in Lebanon - Aug 2001

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Optimism is the difficult key word that anybody who is living in Lebanon could accept in the
current Economical & Political conditions, but 
fortunately we in Hayek Group extend our optimism in this country to all our clients in Lebanon, the Arab World & the rest of the world.

Things are moving towards stability & promising future especially in the Real Estate market, why is this?

1) Geographically, Lebanon enjoys the most attractive natural terrain in the region from Morocco to Turkey.

2) Politically, this country has the only democratic system in the region. Currently the recent Israeli withdrawal and the implementation of the 425 U.N. resolution and the deployment of U.N. and Lebanese security forces in the South only the blue UN line plus the coming parliamentary elections and the convention of the Donor Countries for the reconstruction of the South, all are SOLID facts and signs for a brighter future.

3) The Real Estate market was never as attractive as it is now, with a wide variety of choices in many region with different areas, specifications & budgets.

4) In the near future, we expect to lose the chance of this opportunity due to the limited number of vacant apartments & the limited area of the exposed land for sale.

Based on these facts, we confirm our optimism in the Real Estate investment in this part of the world as a major non-risky and safe investment. And we strongly urge our clients to involve safely and securely in this market as a mid-term investment.

Abdallah Hayek P.E. 
Hayek Group s.a.r.l
Beirut - Aug 2001

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