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Dot Com Experience - Jan 2004

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buy naltrexone uk has been on the Internet long enough to be listed in most international, regional and local search engines.

Being the first Real Estate website in the Middle East, Hayek Group managed to locate tremendous number of Lebanese expatriates through e-mails.

Buying and selling is not the only bread and butter - but professional consulting services for international law firms, engineering disciplines and international investors constitute the major concern to Hayek Group.

Within 24 hours every e-mail received on our web would be replied to the best of our knowledge, by professional and experienced engineers.

Legal issues such as inheritance cases, property recovery claims, regulatory zoning changes, tracking history of property ownership and general information, etc… Particularly for the second and third generation expatriates are our major line of business for the past 8 years.

With engineering and construction back-ground, Hayek Group managed to provide reasonable number of appraisal reports and feasibility studies for properties all over Lebanon

We were involved in executing certain private and luxurious construction projects for Lebanese expatriates and Arab Gulf investors.

Certain legal procedures might be tedious, time consuming and expensive – but our experience in the local market and our Public Relation enables us to perform multiple legal issues related to real estate, governmental regulations and procedures including: constructions permits, taxation and extraction of official records.

Referrals from major overseas diplomatic delegations and embassies to use our services were highly appreciated and well taken care of.

The main issue arising from our serious devotion and services is building new friendship with people whom we never met or spoken to (only e-mails communications) resulted in such a sincere and trust relationship. We could list hundreds of names of such new friends (Robert Myers U.S.A, Dr. George Mitri U.S.A). Some events were extremely interesting just like the case of Gilbert K. (Rhode Island U.S.A) who was looking for a property thru our agency and he ended up in getting married through our connections.

Other clients used to know from their ancestors that they owned some properties in Lebanon. Some of them inherited properties worth hundreds of thousands of US$ which they were not aware of the real value; we had to negotiate and search through all the distorted names, to track back the family tree and outdated official records going back sometimes to the time of the Ottoman Empire.

Our sincere advice to all clients who are interested in investing in real estate is to consult a professional agency before dealing directly with local parties to avoid future claim cases ending up in the local courts or in illegal procedures.

 Finally, thanks to the Internet technology for opening such window for overseas communications to serve our clients to the best of their interest – and thanks to Lebanon which remains the Jewel of the Middle East and the center of the regional attraction for international investments in Real Estate.

Abdallah Hayek P.E
Hayek Group s.a.r.l
Beirut – Jan. 2004



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